About Us

What we do:

The Kingdom of the Titans is, before anything else, a company made from and made for hobbyists. We are painters, sculptors and players, trying to guess what the next step is to make the hobby more available to everyone.

We want to make life easier for every hobbyist in our region and across Canada. To do so, we work hard to export any useful tools and products from the Europeans producers, so the Canadian’s hobbyists do not need to deal with the complexity of the importation themselves. We always focused to bring a service which make any specialised items from the hobby, starting with the miniatures themselves, to the tools, the paints and every alternatives component we can get available in one place and with only a few steps to acquire them.

That is the principal reason why we decided to launch our webstore and our local game store. With those two platforms, we are able to provide our service to everyone from our country and beyond, while helping the hobbyists community of our region to develop itself and to have somewhere to share its passion.

There’s nothing more important to us that to see how happy are our customer when they find an article they believed was inaccessible from them, as we believe that every aspects from the hobby should be available for our community, even if we live far away from the Europeans producers.

The Kingdom of the Titans will do everything to make it possible for you, and for everyone else, to accomplish your miniatures like the way you want them to be!