Card condition guide

Cards Condition Guide

We evaluate the condition of each of our cards with the following criteria. Freshly opened booster cards also undergo the same review. For this reason, cards that have just been unpacked can be graded NM, LP, or MP, depending on possible factory defects.
Near Mint (NM):

The cards we consider NM show no visible defects to the eye. If there are traces of imperfections, they must be invisible once inside a clear plastic sleeve. There may therefore be:
-Slight scratches visible only from a light source;
-Superficial marks of snags on corners;
-Corners with slight notes of white caused by uneven manufacturing cut.
Ligthly Played (LP):

The cards we consider as LP may have the following defects:
- Some visible scratches on the surface, which must be imperceptible once in a clear plastic pouch;
-Signs of friction and possible loss of colour (typically on old cards);
-Factory defects related to the cutting or printing of the card, which does not affect its readability;
-A scratch on the black or white border of the card;
-A loss of colour on the corners of the card that may affect its black or white border.

We accept from one to two of its defects on our LP cards, such as two scratches affecting the edge of the card or a scratched border and minor scratches on the surface of the card. However, as soon as there are more than two visible defects, the card will be considered MP.
Moderately Played (MP):
The MP cards have the same defects as the LP cards, but their number is more consequent. More than three scratches can be found that affect the edge of the map, and scratches on the card, or any combination of possible defects.
Heavily Played (HP):
The cards that we consider as HP may have suffered the following damage, note that none of these defects will be large enough to make the card unplayable in tournament:
-A consequent deterioration of the colour of the card.
-A grime aspect
-Worn edges
-A very large number of defects from previous card grades.